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Book a one-hour consultation call with one of our health experts to have all your questions answered. We discuss your symptoms and health challenges, and your entire  health history.

We give you details and advice on possible treatment options we can offer you, and what you can do to improve your health.

Our experts with experience in 174+ chronic diseases will help you figure out your next steps based on lifestyle, health issues, and preferences.

Root Cause Analysis

Ready to discover the root causes of your health issues?

Understand the reasons for your illness through advanced, world-class testing facilities.

Get unparalleled and accurate insights into your health status through your Root Cause Analysis report.

Our assessment ranges and data evaluation protocols, based on functional medicine,  differ from that of the conventional medical system and are more thorough and accurate to detect underlying health issues.

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The radical health transformation your body will thank you for.

Experience mind, body, and soul healing through our gamified, 12-week health program with proven results.

Personalised guidance and handholding from your very own functional nutritionist through 1-on-1 calls and cintinued assistance via text/calls.

Take back control of your health and your life with new insights about your body and connection with the world around you.

Become a permanent part of a large community of members in our loving tribe who will support you throughout your journey.

Join our community of healers and health warriors to enter a world of better physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Because the world needs knowledgeable healers now more than ever.

Our very own Functional Nutrition Course for people to access the knowledge and power of Functional Nutrition.

A 4-month course with live classes taught by the very best in Indian Functional Nutrition.

Become an expert Functional Nutritionist and use the restorative abilities of food to heal chronic diseases.

Feed your passion to heal the world and join our mission to create healthier, happier, lifestyle disease- free communities.

If you’re ready to help us change the world and bring your unique skills to the global healthcare table, our course is waiting for you.


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