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We are a
Healthcare startup
based in the bustling City of Pune, with a reach that extends beyond the oceans.

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Our Offices

We’ve designed a bright, colorful workspace where one never deals with lonely cubed workstations. Members work together at spacious round tables, interspersed with greenery, while natural light pours in from all sides, inspiring one to create and connect with the world even through a regular workday.

We prioritize our teams’ mental, spiritual, and physical health, and do not encourage overtime work. We insist that you take breaks at the right times and that you have the opportunity to participate in group activities with coworkers like meditation, games, or celebrations, ultimately creating a fun and family-like atmosphere that does not instill the typical feeling of a 9-5 corporate life. Join us to be a part of a community that will be there for you as you offer your skills to our mission of creating healthier, happier, lifestyle-disease-free communities across the world, every single day.