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To create healthier, happier, lifestyle disease-free communities across the world, every single day.

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iThrive was created in 2019 by Mugdha Pradhan, who knew that the country needed a good evidence-based healthcare platform to heal and reverse chronic illnesses- an alternative to the conventional medicine model of symptom management through drugs.
With help from trusted team members, two additional verticals for teaching Functional Nutrition (iThrive Academy & Research Center) and providing safe supplements (iThrive Essentials) were established.
At iThrive, we're celebrated for our pioneering approach to Functional Nutrition, which has transformed countless lives by reversing chronic diseases and also for our top-tier academy that empower individuals with the knowledge to make lasting health changes. We also take immense pride in offering the purest, most effective supplements on the market. We happily welcome you on a journey to learn more and work on your health and well-being with our team of experts dedicated to holistically improving your life.


Our Founder

By combining her Master’s Degree in Nutrition with the knowledge of Functional Medicine, Mugdha Pradhan reversed her chronic disease and healed herself. Realizing there was a way to heal diseases conventionally considered irreversible, she began helping others too. Mugdha gained platforms like TedX to help people in need realize that Functional Nutrition holds the key to true, holistic healing.

“My vision is to evolve into my highest spiritualized self in absolute surrender to serving the Divine, and in doing so, help iThrive fulfill her vision of creating healthier, happier, lifestyle disease-free communities across the world every single day.” – Mugdha

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Personalized transformative health journey to reverse your health issues with expert functional nutritionists.

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From Ignorance to Light.

iThrive Academy and Research Centre teaches and conducts deep research to revolutionize healthcare, creating future Functional Nutritionists who reverse chronic diseases.

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Nutraceuticals crafted in-house with deep research, love and care, that offer purity, safety, and the ultimate health boost.

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Saumya Kejriwal


"Eternally grateful to my iThrive team, for helping me achieve my health goals. The emotional and physical healing has been immense..."

Kenny Wilson


"I was impressed by the amount of knowledge present within iThrive and the teachers' overdrive and passion to impart said knowledge."

Devdatta Puntambekar


“iThrive’s Vit D3 is too good!! I could immediately see the difference in my energy levels in 10 days."